About us

We are a rental agency in real estate, or parts of that. We advise future tenants with the rental of rooms, studios or apartments. This is purely informative and not a commercial offer. We keep costs low on purpose, to save the customer money.

The best thing about this job is also the diversity that can be obtained from a person.

Robert Bakker

Bakker Huuradvies

Our story

After twelve years in the professional rental brokerage, we have helped hundreds of clients to find the perfect home for themselves. Our extensive experience has also led us to develop our work in the Bed & Breakfast market, which keeps the company in the best possible condition to help each client find the right home.

Office: Carolieweg 11

Business hours:

Monday – Friday, 10:00-17:00, Appointment only.

Tel: +31 6 29 13 7584

Email: [email protected]

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